Your journey will begin at the Vilnius airport, where you will be met by our professional guide and transferred by shiny limo with sexy strippers. How many girls ? The record is 6, but the records are made to break them… After an hour of erotic and full of champagne bubble session the trip ends at your hotel.

For an unforgettable STAG fun we suggest Stripper banquet with lots of food, beer, drinks and of course TITS:
• 2 unlimited hours beer or strong drink bottles (VODKA, WHISKEY)
• 4 erotic unusual looking dishes.
• TOP-LESS show program
• TOP-LESS service
• Entrance to the strip club
• Limo transfer to the dinner place.
• All night guide service, transfers back to hotel.
• Entrances to best night clubs and pubs in Vilnius.

Hangover? No it is not so popular in Lithuania to spend your have a day drinking beer and thinking what happened yesterday… So after a breakfast we suggest to have a little bit of an adrenaline and shoot the biggest package of the real 14 guns program:
– Smith & Wesson 625 Revolver (5 rounds)
– Old Russian spy gun (5 rounds)
– Glock 17 Pistol (5 rounds)
– SigSauer P-226 Pistol (5 rounds)
– Israeli Uzi SubMachine Gun (15 rounds)
– H&K MP5 Laser-Sighted Machine Gun (15 rounds)
– Winchester Pump-Action Gun (5 rounds)
– MP38 (WW2 German machine gun of choice) (10 rounds)
– Thompson M1A1 (the Chicago Typewriter) (10 rounds)
– M4 (M16 short version) (5 rounds)
– Kalashnikov AK47 (5 rounds)
– Steyr AUG A2 (5 rounds)
– Kalashnikov AK74 (5 rounds)
– TT (5 Rounds)

If you are in Lithuania, you have to try some real traditional stuff… So after a hard day it’s really ok to spend your evening lake house… Even with some lap dancing girls if needed:
• Pick up at the hotel
• English speaking drivers and guides
• Barbeque at the lake terrace
• Sauna/Russian “banya”
• Beer/Strong drinks
• Lots of fun
• Back to hotel

For the last evening it’s always good not to plan so much… VIP tables will be reserved for the evening in the best night disco place in Vilnius. Don’t worry about the drinks. It will be on the tables waiting for you. Of course the answer without the question… BIG limo will pick you up at the hotel and drive you to the place.

Relax? No way!!! Picking up at the hotel after breakfast and riding unusual Bike… BEER-BAR on wheels:
• Pick up at the hotel
• 2 hour beer on the beer-bike
• Back to the hotel
• Finally transfer to the airport ( suggestion limo with lots of bubbles and strippers)
• Have a nice flight

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