Safety in Vilnius

Lithuania is a wonderful place to visit and can offer tourists very big variety of activities and experiences. From interesting architecture to beautiful landscapes as pretty as a pictures. Vilnius is a place of new adventures, which you will be remembering with a smile for your whole life.

Vilnius is a safe city, but it’s still very important to take care of your belongings and to know which areas is better to avoid during your stay in Vilnius.

When you have just landed in Vilnius Airport, you may get in contact with unfair taxi drivers. Lithuanians already know it and try not to use airport taxi services, because they will charge you three times more then you have to pay. Our team’s suggestion would be to use Taxify or Uber App for hiring a taxi. But if you hire an airport taxi service the price to get to Vilnius Old town should not exceed more than 10 – 15 Euro. Of course the best solution to have a safe trip is to order party weekends welcoming service.

We don’t recommend to lose your vigilance during evening also. Many taxi drivers cooperate with worst reputation clubs, therefore have a “very substantial” benefits to take you, where they can good earn from you. Often happens, people ask to drive them to one club, but find themselves completely in another, even without realizing. Therefore when you get final point, check if taxi driver really drove you, where you have requested.

There are some beggars in the main tourist areas (Vilnius old town) who may approach you and ask for a spare change. Don’t give them any money (it`s against the law in Lithuania): the beggars who are asking for money in a Vilnius old town are not poor, but it`s profitable job for them.

Lithuania has a low crime rate. Take safety measures to avoid mugging, bag snatching and pickpocketing. Be careful especially railways stations, airports and crowded places. It’s recommended to wear a money belt, leave your valuables in your hotel room safe.

If you want to have 100% guarantee that you will spend a good time, use party-weekends services, because only with us you will get the latest and most reliable information about day and night life in Vilnius and receive the highest quality service.

If you feel that you’ve been a victim of crime, call the police on 112 or call us and will help you to sort everything out.