Events in Vilnius

2017 November

International Accordion festival – 2017-11-10 – 2017-11-24 – Accordion music in Lithuania sprang from folk music rivulets and in time has streamed forth into rivers and oceans. The founders of professional accordion school and organisers of the International Accordion Festival should be credited for such a transformation. Having been in action for over two decades, the International Accordion Festival has sold-out halls and proved the true worth, of the accordion – especially its versatility and attractiveness. Today the accordion repertoire fascinates its audience with a variety of genres and its performers outstanding virtuosity and concert geography. The superlatives used to describe the art of accordion music are impressive: refined, sophisticated, versatile, resourceful, playful, luxurious, splendid, intriguing, shocking, elitist… The accordion appears in world’s prestigious concert halls performing transcriptions of baroque and classical masterpieces, original contemporary music, folklore, jazz and tango, French chanson, techno, electronic, experimental and world music. —

European Film Forum – 2017-11-09 – 2017-11-19 – European Film Forum Scanorama is one of the most distinctive cultural events in Lithuania. The film festival has become the highlight of cultural life in fall every year. In November Scanorama visits the four largest cities of the country (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai). Extending over twenty days, it is a forum for films from all over Europe, presenting more than a hundred films by European directors of various formats and genres. Having started as a Nordic film festival back in 2003, Scanorama draws inspiration from both the cinema classics like Ingmar Bergman as well as such avant-garde cinema movements as Dogma’95. This is what determines that every year Scanorama boldly opens to viewers new territories of cinema, new names, and new directions and generations of filmmakers, at the same time looking back to the origins and traditions of cinema. —

XV Vilnius Gospel Music Festival – 2017-11-09 – 2017-11-12 – On November 9-12, 2017, Vilnius will be filled with gospel music – so much appreciated by the Lithuanian audience. The XV Vilnius Gospel Music Festival will present performers who are already familiar to the Lithuanian audience and those who have never performed in Lithuania before. The Vilnius Gospel Music Festival has been organized since 2001 and is the first and the largest event in Lithuania, where only gospel music is performed. Previous festivals hosted choirs, ensembles, soloists and conductors from Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and the United States of America. The organizer of the festival is Young Women – Young Men Christian Association (YWCA-YMCA Lithuania). —

The International Jazz festival „Vilnius Mama Jazz“ – 2017-11-15 – 2017-11-19 – The International Jazz Festival Vilnius Mama Jazz was launched in 2002. The festival takes place in the second half of November every year. Due to its readiness to feature all styles and trends of jazz music with the emphasis on quality, individuality, and relevance of the music, the festival is a singular celebration. The Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival has over the years become one of the largest events in the capital. The festival programme features the music of world famous performers, Lithuanian jazz maestros, and joint international projects. Organisers of the festival have their fingers on the pulse of the world jazz scene and offer audiences in Vilnius a wide range of music from the jazz palettes of Europe, the Americas, Asia, and other continents for their entertainment and enjoyment. The particularly high level of professionalism of the festival participants and a flexible ticketing system have determined that the festival is not only popular with listeners from Vilnius, but appeals to those all over Lithuania. The festival takes place in 3 different venues in Vilnius: the Congress Hall, the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, and the Russian Drama Theatre. After the concerts, there are usually jam sessions in the live music club Tamsta and the hotel Holiday Inn Vilnius with the participation of musicians from Lithuania and elsewhere. The continuity and success of Vilnius Mama Jazz is only possible because of its strong cultural ties with art institutions and agencies abroad, the wishes of our audiences, and the generosity of our sponsors. —-

2017 December

Daddy was a milk man – 2017-12-01 – “Daddy Was A Milkman” – ’cause the stage name combines my past and the present. I’m a father of two, and yes, i really was a milkman:). Style – looking for easy and troublesome sounds. Each piece is a short, real life story or a personal emotion.
Topics – most relevant to everyday things. Life, love, monotony, children, joy, fatigue, mood swings, dreams, hopes, frustrations and peace in every sense. —

Christmas tree lightning – 2017-12-01 19:00 – Lighting the Vilnius Christmas Tree is an annual tradition for us in Lithuanian capital, and a sign that the festive season has truly arrived in our city! The 2017 Vilnius Christmas Tree will be lit on Friday, December 1, at 19:00, on Cathedral Square in the heart of the city’s UNESCO award winning Old Town, and will be followed by a live warming Christmas concert. The tree will be in place until January 7, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for you and your loved ones to enjoy the Christmas spirit here with us in Vilnius! —

VAF Beer Fest – 2017-12-01 – 2017-12-02 – The biggest craft beer festival in Lithuania – Vilnius Beer Festival (VAF) invites to prepare your taste buds for an incredible craft feast. During 2 days of the event you will be able to taste different kinds of beer from all over the world, some of it will be brought specially for the event. The catch here is that each day the assortment will differ, so you won’t taste the same beer twice. Excited, yet?! Get ready for more! In attendance we have the oldest operating brewery in the world – Weihenstephaner, as well as, the brave and innovative craft rebels all the way from USA – Lagunitas, Bear Republic and Stone Brewing, who will share their in-depth knowledge and incredible brews with you. You will meet brewers from Belgium, Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland etc. And that‘s not all: the festival space, Loftas, will come alive with music – you will be able to listen to artists performing live, as well as, taste fresh food from foodtrucks cooking on sight, attend events, meetings, discussions, and share positive vibes with fellow craft enthusiasts. Craft beer culture is a trade of rebels, innovators and rule breakers who got bored with traditional brews and decided to take the matter into their own hands, experimenting with different recipes and flavours. Soon enough it grew beyond meassure forming a separate movement with it‘s own rules and ethics. You do not just chug craft beer – you experience it first and treat your a glass as a meal at a 5-star restaurant. VAF will bring together those who are eager to experience different tastes and smell aromas like plums, passion fruit, vanilla, citrus, nuts or even cucumbers in their glasses. Our main mission is to demonstrate the diversity of craft tastes – the sour, sweet, spicy, savory, bitter or even smoked, which can be achieved in craft beer. —

Comic Con Baltics – Pop Culture events – 2017-12-02 – Comic Con Baltics – the biggest pop culture event in the Baltic States. It will take place on 2-3 December in Vilnius, Lithuania, exhibition centre LITEXPO. The latest and hottest news from cinema industry, TV series, new technologies and computer games will be presented during the event. As in others Comic Cons, that are happening in other countries, the attendees of Comic Con Baltics will have the unique possibility to meet and greet their favourite movie and TV stars. Actors and other special guests from popular TV and cinema projects will be updated regularly, up to the date of the event. During the event everyone will be able to see special previews from the upcoming movies and TV projects, computer games, to see the special featurettes and trailers, prepared just for Comic Con Baltics. Every attendee will be able to see the daily life of a movie maker, to know how a film set looks like, to siti n a make-up chair or see a performance of a stuntmen. Visitors will also see the biggest Cosplay championship. Every attendee will have a chance to visit an interactive zone of new technologies and game zone, to see the newest of games and remember and play some old school computer games. Besides that, everyone will be able to see and feel what was never in Lithuania – unconventional, unique cinema halls that will bring up absolutely different experiences of motion capture cinema. The event will also be educational because every visitor will be invited to participate in special workshops where professionals of their art will share their experience. Visual effects artists, comics artists, cameramen, sound effects specialists, screenwriters and Professional gamers will share their insights on what they are doing for living. In some other workshops people will be able to learn how to build their own costumes or how to free their imagination and put it down on paper and so on. Comic Con Market will be an exclusive area where everyone will find what they want. This will be a place where a person can find a lot of things for presents and avoid the Christmas time madness in a shopping hall, whilst finding something different, unique, maybe even some collectibles. And, the most importantly, everybody will have their chance to meet the heroes from their childhood or just a popular actor from cinema or TV series, get their autograph and seize the moment with the star in a professionally done photographs. —

The Christmas Charity fair „For a Safe Lithuania“ – 2017-12-03 13:00 – 16:00 – Non-governmental organizations from across Lithuania will present their projects at the now traditional fair to help and support the needy, the handicapped and the disadvantaged. Hand-made Christmas gifts and crafts will be sold for charity, useful information about volunteering and joining assistance programs will be available at stands. The money raised will be used to create a brighter Christmas for those who need it the most. —

The Master and Margarita (In Lithuanian with English subtitles) – 2017.12.13 – In the seventh decade of the last century “The Master and Margarita” was read like the Bible. What encouraged director Oskaras Koršunovas to take up the complex multidimensional material of the novel was the newly experienced freedom of creation and the offer of the organizers of the international Avignon Theater Festival to stage the play especially for this festival. “The Master and Margarita” premiered in Avignon; the performance quickly gained international success. About the French premiere O. Koršunovas said: “When the lights went out, the audience was supposed to hear the thunderous sound of paper shaken in the air, but it didn’t hear it, because the hall was flooded with a stormy ovation. The actors were invited to take a bow a dozen times. I perceived it as the greatest miracle of my theatrical career, because it was a unity of the material that is very dear to me and the most important festival. I am very happy.” According to the author of the novel’s adaptation for the stage Sigitas Parulskis, the play was created using the approach of “a dream within a dream”: the mystery of life and death, recognition and oblivion, love and despair, takes place in the mind of Ivan the Homeless, a patient at the psychiatric hospital. This character embodies Bulgakov himself and the symbolic figure of a writer: together with his work and for his work, for his truth, like Christ, he must go through a variety of spiritual metamorphoses – from humiliation, violation, madness to the state of holiness. The polysemous, polyphonic, virtuoso performance is hallucinating, and the space of hallucination is filled with demons and miracles, starting from actors who are young and beautiful as devils”; “15 actors who go wild for three straight hours, jumping, tumbling, creating quite a chaos and showing hellish tricks are not unlike 15 rope acrobats.” – wrote the French press about the wonder-filled performance. —

Commune art. Christmas fair – 2017.12.15 – The fair atmosphere will fascinate you and will be full of warmth, cosiness, and kindness, as always. There you will smell tea and cakes, thus, it will be a good chance to invite your old or new friend and discuss dreams in the café HERE AND NOW. There will also be creative workshops with teachers and artists and you will have a possibility to have a good time sprucing up for a celebration or making a present for your friend, family member YOURSELF! —

The Christmas design square – 2017-12-12 – 2017-12-17 – The Christmas Design Square is one of the trendiest occasions of Christmas in Vilnius! Already a firm favourite with local designers, locals and guests alike can purchase Vilnius-made gifts for their loved ones, plus meet the brains behind these creations that are unique to our city! —

The Vilnius Christmas run – 2017-12-17 – The Vilnius Christmas Run has been part of our festive season traditions since 1975! An event for all the family, you can choose between 3 kilometres, 6 kilometres, or if you’re feeling really brave, you can opt in for the 12 kilometres. For our little runners, we also have a 200 metre „Elfines run“. —

Concert by Andrius Mamontovas. AM 50 – 2017-12-17 – Andrius Mamontovas invites fans of his music to an exceptional event. The singer will celebrate his 50th birthday on 17 December in Siemens Arena in Vilnius. The most memorable solo compositions and songs created during the existence of the group Foje will be performed in this, the musician’s only birthday concert. During the show, unexpected guests will perform on the stage with Mamontovas. Some songs will be performed for the first time. —-

Linas Adomaitis / 20 Years / Sand Clock – 2017.12.21 – Linas Adomaitis, the singer, violinist, composer, arranger, music producer, and innovator in his area, blows up Lithuanian music space! It is very likely that this is a very accurate description of Linas’ latter musical stage. He is one of the most charismatic performers; today Linas Adomaitis is successful, he organizes extremely popular concerts with symphony orchestras and big choirs; however, he is able to raise a storm only with guitar accompaniment. Linas Adomaitis’ universality and ability to perform his musical program in various musical compositions only proves his professionality which is as great as Linas’ sincerity and devotion on stage. —–vilnius-225287/?&design=bilietai

The Orthodox christmas in Lithuania – 2017-12-21 – Piano recital. Performers – Pavel Nersessian. Programme – Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Ludvig van Beethoven, Nikolaj Kapustin, Sergej Prokofjev —

The 3d Fairy tale – 2017-12-25 – 2017-12-28 – On the Big Wall of Vilnius Cathedral (Šventaragio Street). The 3D Fairy Tale is the biggest Christmas attraction in Vilnius, and attracts over 120,000 visitors each year. A unique 3D projection of a Christmas Fairy Tale is projected in all its vivid colours on the main outside wall of Vilnius Cathedral. Come and become a part of the Christmas fairy tale in the Capital city! —

Christmas with Erica Jennings – 2017-12-26 — On the second day of Christmas, we invite you to the gala premier, on the stage of the Vilnius Congress House the beloved owner of a velvet voice Erica Jennings together with the Lithuanian state symphony orchestra under the conduction by maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius will perform Christmas songs mesmerising with cosiness and warmth. –

Music from the most beautiful films – 2017-12-28 – On this wonderful evening, Evelina Sašenko, Jeronimas Milius and the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by its artistic director and chief conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius, invite you to remember the plots of the most famous films. In the pleasant Congress Palace, impressive melodies will retell breathtaking stories, and together with the films’ heroes, will take you into the swirling action, excite and charm, and, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent. —-

The Christmas market in a Cathedral square – 2017-12-01 – 2018-01-07 – Christmas Town is the bustling Christmas Market on Cathedral Square, and is sure to get you into the festive spirit! With over 50 market stalls decorated as cozy wooden houses, we are certain that you will be able to find a special Christmas gift here for your loved ones. While you’re here, we’d be happy if you tried our local apple cheese or if you do not have a spice laboratory in your kitchen, go on and take a little piece of Christmas with you! —

The Christmas market on Vilnius Town Hall square – 2017-12-04 – 2018-01-07 – This year, Vilnius residents and city guests will also have the opportunity to purchase various souvenirs and holidays gifts at yet another Vilnius Christmas market, this one operating at Town Hall Square. —

New Years Fire works – 2017-12-31 23:55 – Vilnius City Municipality will invite all residents and guests of the city to celebrate the New Year 2018 donating spectacular midnight fireworks that have already become a traditional spectacle. Let’s celebrate the New Year together! —

2018 January

The day of the flag of Lithuania – 2018-01-01 – To commemorate the event of 1 January 1919 when a group of 10 volunteers performed an act full of a symbolic meaning for the first time – raised the three-colour flag of Lithuania on Gediminas Hill. A huge emotional effect on the residents of Lithuania recalling 7 October 1988 when Lithuanian tree-colour flag was returned to the place it belonged to, when in 2004 the Lithuanian three-colour flag waved alongside 25 flags of NATO and when our flag was hoisted together with other flags of the European Union on 1 May. —

The Farewell to holidays – 2018.01.06 – The end festive season in Vilnius will start at 16.30, with a Day Of The Kings – Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar – parade from the Gates of Dawn, and will end with traditional performance by placing a Crib on Cathedral Square. The final event of Christmas period will be marked by saying goodbye to the Christmas Tree in the courtyard of the Teachers’ House (Mokytojų namai, on Vilnius Street) at 18.00. The occasion is not just a way of bidding farewell to one of our city’s best loved Christmas icons, it’s a way to celebrate the end of the festive season, and a sign for all of us to get on with the new year. —

2018 February

Bones in Vilnius – 2018-02-02 – For the first time in the whole history of cloud-rap, the dark prince of lo-fi will leave his hometown graveyard to meet the European fans. The digital ghost will be in full shell to salute to his followers and proclaim the new era in which we all are of no Failure. Come to see DeadBoy alive! —

ALT – J – 2018-02-06 – alt-J are Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton and Thom Green. Their new album RELAXER follows 2014’s This Is All Yours, and their 2012 Mercury Prize and Ivor Novello Award-winning debut An Awesome Wave. Between them, the two records have sold in excess of two million copies and their songs have been streamed more than one billion times. The band have headlined festivals across the globe and sold out London’s O2 Arena and New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden. RELAXER was recorded all over London – from Shoreditch to St John’s Wood, Crouch Hill to Brixton – with producer Charlie Andrew for a third time and is out now. —

Milky Chance – 2018-02-15 – German duo Milky Chance make folk-, reggae-, and electronica-influenced pop music. Formed in 2012 in Kassel, Germany, Milky Chance showcase the talents of singer/songwriter Clemens Rehbein and DJ Philipp Dausch. —

Depeche Mode – Global Spirit Tour – 2018-02-22 – For the first time in five years, Depeche Mode will visit Lithuania, bringing their stunning live show to fans who have not seen the band since 2013’s World Tour of ‘Delta Machine’. Following this summer’s massive European summer stadium tour and the upcoming fall tour of North America, the band will continue to extend the Global Spirit Tour with the show in Lithuania in February 2018. The show will take place on February 22nd in Siemens Arena in Vilnius. The show is being promoted by Live Nation, continuing their global partnership with Depeche Mode. – Video – —

2018 March

Vilnius International Film Festival (Vilnius IFF) “Kino Pavasaris”- 2018.03.15 – 2018.03.29  – is unquestionably one of the most anticipated annual cultural events in Lithuania – perhaps even the one. Now in its 23rd year, it is the largest cinematic event in the country, known and loved for its high quality film programme and rich accompanying package of cinema-related events, workshops, and special initiatives. In March each year, Vilnius IFF presents more than 200 films divided into a range of categories, from Masters and Critic’s Choice to Hot Documentaries, Shorts and much more. —

LA Traviata – 2018.03.23 – La Traviata (The Fallen Woman) is the eighteenth of Verdi’s operas and the first one to draw on the reality of the day. The opera premiered at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice, on 6th March 1853. After the spectacular success of Rigoletto and Il Trovatore, the reception of this opera came as a shock to the composer – it was an unmitigated fiasco. The failure was blamed on the poor staging and the miscasting of singers. “Is it my fault or that of the singers?” Verdi wrote in a letter. “Only time will tell.” The composer evidently sensed that the reasons for the failure had been more serious. The public must have got indignant at the choice of the protagonist – a downcast woman shown in the milieu, likewise corrupt. La Traviata was put on at the Lithuanian Opera and Ballet in 1920, 1931, 1952, 1974, 1980 and 1992; on 31 December 2005 and January 2006 we presented a production by the English National Opera. Traditionally showcased at each New Year’s Eve until 2002, this opera received the largest number of performances on our stage ever. —

Tigran Hamasyan – 2018-03-27 – In the music of Tigran Hamasyan strong jazz improvisations and rich folklore music of his native country Armenia connect. His concerts enchant all the listeners with originality and beauty, and the performer always leaves the stage to continuous applause. Tigran surprises not only with instrumental talents, but his voice which is subtly adapted in compositions. —

2018 April

Snow white and the seven dwarfs – 2018.04.15 – There is perhaps no need to continue telling the story of Snow White and her witchlike stepmother, a well known tale which is loved by children throughout the world. The more important is that the story, as it befits a true fairy tale, eventually comes to a happy ending. —

Cinderella – 2018.04.29 – Both for children and grownups, there cannot be more wonderful thing than the fairy tale about Cinderella. Everyone learned about her already in their childhood and this fairy tale leaves even grownups with a hope of a happy ending… The ballet music written by S. Prokofiev for this fairy tale is one of the best works written by this composer, staged in various theatres for many times. On our stage the schoolchildren from Ballet department of M. K. Čiurlionis’ National Art School are going to show their own version of “Cinderella” interpretation. —

2018 May

Carmen – 2018.05.03 – It is probably appropriate to start our story about Carmen with a fact that it is the most often staged opera in the world, while its author Georges Bizet remains in the operatic history primarily as an author of that single masterpiece. 135 years have passed since its premiere at the Opéra-Comique theatre in Paris, and even to this day no other operatic work can equal G. Bizet‘s Carmen when it comes to the number of different stagings. The character of Carmen keeps returning: sometimes surrounded by the original spirit of the work, or put in today‘s context, ascetic or decorated with lush stage designs. Every time she achieves new incarnations, remaining true to her essence – she intrigues, rouses wonder, fear and admiration. –

Swan Lake – 2018.05.12 – It is for a century now that Swan Lake, this classical model of Russian ballet, has enjoyed legendary popularity on the repertoire lists of the world’s lyric theatres. Hardly a ballet company exists whose repertoire does not include a production of Swan Lake. Rarely does a ballerina not dream of dancing the stunning swan Odette / Odile. The immortal theme of Odette the Swan fraught with elegy at times, then radiating a passionate elation of spirits, has become the signature tune of the ballet. A poetical story of romantic love magnificently rendered by the musical genius of Tchaikovsky and talented choreographers Petipa and Ivanov is bound to leave a profound impression in one’s heart. There was hardly a time when Lithuanian Ballet did not have a Tchaikovsky ballet on its repertoire. Swan Lake was the first piece by this composer that an emerging Lithuanian Ballet Company put on stage back in 1927, with five more classical interpretations produced subsequently. —-

2018 June

Art Vilnius – The International Contemporary Art Fair – June 7 – 10 – ArtVilnius is the only contemporary art fair in Lithuanian and the largest art fair in the Eastern Europe region. ArtVilnius, which had its start in 2009, was one of the most important events in the Vilnius – European Capital of Culture project. Over the last eight years the art fair has expanded and become firmly established on the local and international art scene, as well as on the list of must-visit events for art lovers. This is also confirmed by the statistics. Every year ArtVilnius has over 20,000 visitors, with about 60 art galleries from a dozen or so countries participating ((Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, and France). The applications of galleries wishing to participate in the art fair are reviewed and selected by a jury made up of art critics and art market experts, thereby ensuring the professionalism of the galleries at the fair. —

2018 July

Lithuania`s Centenary Song celebration “In the name of…” – 2018-07-01 – 2018-07-06 – If you haven’t visited Lithuania in the middle of summer when the great Lithuanian Art Olympics takes place here, it will probably be difficult for you to imagine what a choir of 20 000 sounds like or what the ornaments traced by 9 000 dancers in a single stadium look like. Is it possible to fit the whole country with its variety of villages, towns, dialects, old songs, dances, arts, foods and other traditions inside the territory of a city park? All that and more you can see in the Song Celebration. The fundamental parts that form its programme are: Folklore Day, devoted to the traditional culture; Ensembles’ Evening, consisting of colorful, theatrical, stylized performances of folklore ensembles, combining music, song and dance; Dance Day, an interpretation of Lithuanian customs, traditions, and symbols through professionally created dance choreography.
The festival’s programme is complimented by the Folk Art Exhibition; the afternoon of Kanklės (traditional Lithuanian string instrument) music; performances by wind orchestras and amateur theatre groups; professional art exhibitions as well as the colorful and emotional parade of all festival participants. The celebration is crowned by the Song Day uniting thousands of singers into a colossal choir. The 2018 Song Celebration is dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the restoration of the independent state of Lithuania. “In the name of…” is a phrase taken from the state anthem, the National Chant as it is called in Lithuania. The chant has given the ideological ground for the celebration, the axis of all its elements. The respect for the Homeland, its past, people who created and still create the state, respect for the verity, light, morality, a call for concord and unity, a statement of meaningful ways to live and work both for personal and state welfare – these are the fundamental values of the chant, being contemplated and revived in the celebration. — – Video –