Beer bike in Vilnius

New and one of the most popular activities is riding a bike. No, not an usual bike – a special one, prepared for awesome parties! Tell me, what can be better than get some active time, watching beautiful Vilnius city and having beer served by charming waitress at the same time? And that, what we would like to offer! All you need to do – find friends, which you haven’t seen in days, weeks or worst – in months and ask them for some crazy ride! And… enjoy your time! Great and fun ride is guaranteed!

Beer bike in Vilnius galery:

  • Beer bike rent;
  • Private driver;
  • 30 l. of beer;
  • Snacks;
  • Charming waitress.
Information about Beer-Bike:
  • At the same time pedaling a bicycle can 12 persons;
  • At the same time ride on Beer-Bike can 15-16 persons;
  • There is equipment for cold drinks;
  • Protective back for seats;
  • Good quality music;
  • LED Lighting.

Based on a minimum of 11 people BEER-BIKE IN VILNIUS @ €34.00/per person

Contact us and we will offer you the best price!