Taxi drivers in Vilnius

taxi ATTENTION! ! ! When you have just arrived in Vilnius Airport, you may encounter an unfair taxi driver behavior. Local Lithuanian residents already know it and do not use the airport taxi driver services, and call taxi by the phone. This dishonesty occurs to increased rates, where in some cases prices are ten times more. Get know the Vilnius taxi fares and if the taxi driver will ask you to pay more, appeals to the following rates and don’t pay more (attach or write down the taxi rates) or order party weekends welcoming service.

We don’t recommend to lose your vigilance during evening also. Many taxi drivers cooperate with worse reputation clubs, therefore have a “very substantial” benefits to take you, where they can good earn from you. Often happens, people ask to drive them to one club, but find themselves completely in another, even without realizing. Therefore when you get final point, check if taxi driver really drove you, where you have requested.

If you want to have 100% guarantee that you will spend a good time, use party-weekends services, because only with us you will get the latest and most reliable information about day and night life in Vilnius and receive the highest quality service.