People in vilnius

Lithuanians – representatives of the largest number among the nations of the Baltic people. People in Vilnius are hospitable. When they take guests, they seek to please them. Also they can speak quite freely Russian and English languages, and therefore have no difficulty in establishing contacts in these languages. They are very impressionable, emotionally responsive to the behavior of fellow joint venture. The traditional qualities of Lithuanians considered diligence and caution, so in a multinational environment, although they are not averse to be leaders, take on such a role only when assured of complete trust of others. And this they deserve for their reliability and conscientiousness. Sociologists and psychologists say, that Lithuanians have such features as optimistic. It’s hard to make them upset or put themselves out, they are persistent in any case, persistent in overcoming difficulties. No any difficulties and hardships usually are not burden for them. You will not often hear complaints about the inconvenience of life, complaints about large congestion associated with physical exertion. And their high educational background allows quickly to learn many specialty and successfully carry out tasks.