Sometimes you get bored, same people makes you sad or disappointed, your work is not making you happy anymore and … ultimately you are always in the bad mood. Do you know that sometimes people are just tired of routine and have to get some fun? Real fun?

To see and get some experience in happiness of life at first you have to take with you some good friends, with whom you can relax, be yourself and take everything what is best. In the simple words – make your own party.

Then… Find a good quality strip club. What can be better than a good company of true friends and best view for your eyes? You have two choices – first, go to the most beautiful place in Vilnius – Old Town, search for the Rudninku Street and there you will find oldest strip club in the city, called “Old Town”. Just go inside through the wooden door and… let yourself out. For a start, grab a glass of delicious whiskey and take a look around at beautiful dancers, their perfect bodies, feel sexy atmosphere… Maybe at that evening you and your friends will join in Tequila show? Or nurse show? Or just … you will take a dance just for you in a private room…?

I have mentioned that you have two choices, yes? So… the second one is that if you are lazy to walk in the Vilnius Old Town city just go in the middle of the capital. Near two shopping centres is located another one of the best Vilnius strip club called “Dolls”. You will see this club from afar –red door is shining in a bright light. Believe me, the name of the club is not for nothing. Open the door and be welcomed by sexy dancer. Take a seat, order most favourite drink and with the glass in your hand look around – I can promise, you will see a girl by your taste. You think, that I am joking? No, no – in that club are dancing and red hair girls, and dark hair girls and… traditional Lithuanian girl – with blond hair and blue eyes… And what is fantastic in “Dolls” – just one club in Lithuania offers a Shower-show program!

Oh, I could talk about sexy things a lot, but…  I can’t tell you everything – you have to see it! At first, just look at these pictures… And after that just visit mentioned clubs to improve for yourself that it was worth to read this blog!

TOP 1 – Old town Strip club

It`s oldest and best strip club in Lithuania. It was opened in a 1999 and from then club has become very big part of Vilnius city history and culture. The club is located just a couple hundred meters from Vilnius town hall. Old town show club differ from other clubs, because it offers very high level sight – based on pleasant communication, professional choreography and the most exclusive shows, which will expose even the pickiest clients fantasies and imagination.
Rūdninkų g. 14, Vilnius
+370 5 2121349

Mon. – Sat. 21:00 – 06:00. Closed Sun.

TOP 2 – 4Play strip club

4Play Show Club is the newest strip club which is located in the main street of Vilnius oldtown and neighbouring with Novotel hotel. Club offers free entrance to excluisive and cosy lounge zone where guests can find a wide selection of drinks and smoke shisha. Club also organises an impressive strip show programs, they have a special offers for the hen parties and also sexy performances in the vip jakuzzi room. Experienced staff and professional dancers will certainly give the highest quality of the service.
Vilniaus st. 12 (underground), Vilnius

Su. – Th. 22:00 – 06:00. Fr. – Sa. 22:00 – 8:00