Paintball is a fast and active game, where teams compete against each other to eliminate more enemies. Players must hit opponents with special paint balls that are fired from a paintball gun. Games are held outdoors, various playgrounds. Natural or artificial barriers allow you to play with different strategies. Tasks may be different – usually played eliminations, flag seizure, or to defend or capture particular objects. Prepare sharp senses, the dose of adrenaline and great excitement in Vilnius! A real adrenaline invading the body, when you are waiting in ambush and after quickly jump, you start shooting paintballs at your opponents. Quick reactions and tactical decision here is very important! Meet with friends for a battle to find out which of you are the strongest!

Paintball galery:

  • Transfer both ways,
  • English speaking host,
  • Soft drinks,
  • Safety instructions,
  • Camouflage clothes,
  • Gloves, headgear, anti-fog protective mask, marker,
  • Guns with 200 shots.

Based on a minimum of 6 people

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