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Feel the summer!

Feel the summer!

When the weather outside is not so nice – we have a great offer to relax and feel the rhythm of the water! The park of water in Vilnius is waiting for you!

For an active entertainment we can offer to visit 9 modern attractions which are made in the park of water. And for everyone who want to relax, we suggest bath complex. It is bath area in the third floor of the park which inviting to try five different types of room, where visitors can experience the full Polynesian climatic diversity.  After it, you can visit the snow room and to feel the real snowflakes or relax into  “the tropical rain” showers of color and scent effects.

If you are hungry you are always welcome to the bistro, and those who would like to drink a cold coctail or a glass of beer are welcome to the bars. Those who want to taste the exotic, especially delivered meals are welcome  to the „Aloha“ restaurant, which is made of thatched huts, surrounded by palm trees and some sand.

So, do not let a bad weather to spoil your summer – visit Vilnius water park and have fun!