Party ideas

For each of us there comes a day when we want to run away from all the routen of our lifes and want to dive into the deep relaxation zone. If the day like this came to your life – we can make you happy – we have a lot of activities suggestions dependings of each wishes and tastes! For those who feel love for water – a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the day in a special boat, and for those who prefer active water relaxation – we can offer a canoeing, where you can not only relax the river but in the same time to see a beautiful city. For anyone who can not live without the height we can offer an air activities – jump with parachute, aerobatic two-seater plan flights, clider ride or a hot air balloon ride. Those who prefer active relaxation on the ground – there is an excellent opportunity to enjoy it – starting from paintball or shooting to horse riding, or just a super spa relaxation and etc. We have lots of different entertainments for the groups of friends and families or individuals. You just need to decide how do you want to spend your free moment and we will take care of it. Also, for anyone for who is not enough day time entertainments, we have a lot of night time activities for everyone! Just turn on your imagination and fantasy and we will make your dreams come true! So just look-chooce-decide-and let us know!